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"Fruit Detective" PARTY PACK

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Have a Fruit Birthday Party! Plan a party and invite your friends!

Read the story, Play an Investigation Game and Make a Craft! Here's what's inside the party pack:

  • 5 COPIES OF "Fruit Detective" Paperback Story Book of 24 pages and measures 21cm X 14.8cm (ISBN 978-981-14-7861-1). The story book also includes 1 art project.
  • Party Planner Instructions (printed)
  • 4 INVITATION CARDS (printed)
  • 1 printed set of SENSES CARDS (for investigation game)
  • 1 printed set of RECIPE CARDS (for learning how to make a party fruit bowl)
  • 5 printed FRUIT BOX TEMPLATES (for fruit box craft)
  • 1 printed set of PARTY FRUIT BUNTING (for party decor)

*Story Book is professionally printed while the Activity Materials are printed using a home inkjet printer

*Prices indicate shipping within Singapore

*For orders of 5 copies and above or international shipping, please email us at for a quotation.

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