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My Blue-banded Bee Craft

Did you know that there are over 100 species of the solitary bee in Singapore? In our launchpack, "Bili Loves to Dance", we introduce children to Solitary Bees and how they are different from honey bees. Does a solitary bee sting? What kind of nest does it build?

On 9th April, Playship Edventures participated in the Kids Curriulum Fair (which is part of the Homeschool Convention 2022)! We read together the story "Bili Loves to Dance" (theme of the environment) and also taught children aged 3 to 9 years old how to make an origami Blue-Banded Bee with recycled paper!

If you've missed the story-craft session, you can watch the replay below! Do share with us your completed creations on Facebook/Instagram by tagging @playshipedventures. And here is the materials list to get you started:

● 2 pieces of square paper (consider using recycled paper like a security envelope)

● Scissors

● Glue/Double-sided tape

● Markers


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