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Love for Stories, Passion for Learning

Every one of my characters is designed so that a 5-year-old can reproduce it. I want my books to be played, not just read. The most important part of the book, the heart of the book, is the audience reacting to what I have splattered on the page. - Mo Willems, Author

At Playship Edventures, we love stories and we also have a passion for hands-on learning. We hope children will read the stories we wrote and interact with their themes through our printables and activities. And by ‘audience’, Mo Willems also meant the parent, the grandparent or any caregiver who's reading the story. Playship Edventures believes that through our stories, printables and activities, both the caregiver and child can engage in fun learning together.

Being based in Singapore, our original stories also have a Southeast Asian Focus. SOUTHEAST ASIA is rich in wildlife and there is also a significant diversity in culture and language which young children will be able to explore and appreciate.

We are so excited about our upcoming launch on 22 February! Our original story, ’Fruit Detective’, is the story for our first package with the theme on ‘SENSES’. For a sneak preview at the story and the package, subscribe to our newsletter (form is at the bottom of the page) and be the first to know about our Launchpack sale and updates!

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