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Based on the original story and with an Southeast Asian focus,

this LAUNCHPACK includes 10 activity packs of various themes (CURRICULUM-BASED and DISCOVERY-LED) which your children will be engaged in interesting activities, games, videos, arts and crafts.

We make learning easily accessible to everyone at home

Inside this Launchpack for young learners aged 3 to 9 years

Our activity packs encourage your children to be excited and curious about learning, practise careful observation skills, reflect and share about what they have learnt. 

What you can find in this LAUNCHPACK

Some tips in engaging your child through the Launchpack
  • You can do the package together as a family at your own comfortable pace over a few weeks.

  • Your children can do the activities on their own with some assistance and supervision, depending on their ages. 

  • A grandparent or a caregiver can also do the activities with your children. 

  • You can decide which activities to view on your electronic device, and which ones to print out. 


I bought the fun pack during circuit breaker to keep my 4-year-old daughter entertained. The 'Fruit Detective' was a fun story to read with her. She loved the 5 senses game and played it over and over again!

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