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One, a passionate educator who thinks out-of-the-box and another, a mum who likes to DIY: We came together with the goal of making learning fun for children and easily accessible for them and their caregivers.

Through creating PRINTABLES, we believe learning can take place anywhere, from the comfort of our homes to the adventurous outdoors. Our PRINTABLES also encourage the creative use of everyday resources for learning without the need to purchase additional manipulatives.

Hence, we are so excited about launching PLAYSHIP EDVENTURES! Our Playship Edventures Launchpacks include PRINTABLES for preschoolers which are curriculum-based and discovery-led:

  1. Our lessons are Reggio-inspired

  2. All learning is Inquiry-based

  3. Our activities invite children to be curious and excited about learning

  4. We encourage the learner to explore the world around us

We will be launching our FIRST package in February! If you will like to stay updated and hop on board PLAYSHIP EDVENTURES, you can follow us on FACEBOOK and Instagram or subscribe to our newsletter through the link at the bottom of our homepage!

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