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Wow, it has been about 2 months since we launched our first launchpack - SENSES! How have you been using the printables? Preparing our SENSES activities is a simple affair - download the files, read them on any digital device and print out the materials. With Playship Edventures, our printables can be used in any season, during school holidays and during school closures. They can used while staying home or brought along for outdoor learning.

We also had a great time sharing our "Fruit Bowl Activity" on Preschool Market's Facebook Live last Wednesday (8 April). This simple activity of preparing a fruit bowl has so many learning opportunities such as reading a recipe, placing the recipe steps in the correct sequence and practising fine motor skills. You can also make it a fun activity by setting time aside for a fruit party and prepare the fruit bowl as fun party food! View the steps again in the video below. The "Recipe Cards" shown are one of the activity printables from our SENSES launchpack.

We would love to see your SENSES printables in action! Don't forget to tag us or hashtag #playshipedventures.

To support learning and play at home during this period, our 20% discount for the SENSES Launchpack has been extended to 7 May. There is a total of 10 lessons filled with printables, activities and videos. Visit our SHOP to purchase SENSES.


We had a blast at our Facebook Live Launch Party last Saturday on 22 February!

As a welcome activity and countdown to our launch, Moses taught us how to make a ‘Countdown Flexogram’. It was heartening to hear from parents that their children were following the instructions and creating their Flexograms while watching our FB live. If you’ve missed certain steps and will like to attempt the Flexogram again, you can rewatch our FB live launch video again below.


With that our First Launchpack is now available for sale! Our original children’s story, 'Fruit Detective' is the story for our first package with the theme on 'SENSES', suitable for young learners. We will be exploring curriculum-led themes on ENGLISH, SCIENCE, MATH, ART AND MUSIC and investigating discovery-led themes on PLANT PARTS, SMELLS, SIGHT, SOUNDS, TASTE AND TEXTURE. There are altogether 10 Edventures:


During the Live Launch, we also had our young learner, Nathaniel, to interview Moses and Rebecca with questions which he thought might be useful for everyone to understand more about Playship Edventures:

How did you think of the name ‘Playship Edventures’?

We thought of a vehicle like a spaceship that brings you around the world to learn. We also wanted to have that element of ‘play’ in learning, so instead of ‘spaceship', it became ‘Playship'. Children play in the ship while travelling around and learning. We also used the word ‘Edventures’ with an ‘E’, instead of an ‘A’, because we wanted to highlight that this is a learning package and learning can happen anywhere. Learning is fun, exploring new things and being curious about things around us as we travel in the Playship. .

I see this cartoon character a lot on your website, what animal is it?

Marko, the cat, is our Playship Edventures’ mascot, like the captain. His name, Marko, is inspired by Marco Polo, the explorer. You will see him in the various packages introducing the activities.

Are you selling an activity book?

Our product is digital product, not a hardcopy book. It is an e-package with many pages and learners can print whatever they think is needed at home like the activities, cards, game materials and crafting suggestions. We will like to make our launchpacks available worldwide. Everyone will be able to benefit and see this little part of the world, Southeast Asia, and learn more about this region.

Does my mother have to buy extra things to do the activities with me?

Our activities are centred around finding things around the house and using them. Other than needing a printer and basic craft materials (e.g. scissors, glue, markers, paint, colour pencils and crayons), there is no need to buy extra things. For example in our scent making activity, we are using things that we can find in the kitchen like an orange peel, ice from the fridge, pots and bowls. There is no need for any special equipment or materials that learners must purchase for our activities. Hence our activities can be easily prepared.


Again, a big thank you to all who came to join us. It was wonderful to see so many of you tuning into our Facebook Live. We hope you enjoyed the Launch as much as we did introducing Playship Edventures to all of you!

P.S For a preview at the story and the package, subscribe to our newsletter! (form is at the bottom of the page) Or visit our SHOP to purchase our SENSES launchpack.


Every one of my characters is designed so that a 5-year-old can reproduce it. I want my books to be played, not just read. The most important part of the book, the heart of the book, is the audience reacting to what I have splattered on the page. - Mo Willems, Author

At Playship Edventures, we love stories and we also have a passion for hands-on learning. We hope children will read the stories we wrote and interact with their themes through our printables and activities. And by ‘audience’, Mo Willems also meant the parent, the grandparent or any caregiver who's reading the story. Playship Edventures believes that through our stories, printables and activities, both the caregiver and child can engage in fun learning together.

Being based in Singapore, our original stories also have a Southeast Asian Focus. SOUTHEAST ASIA is rich in wildlife and there is also a significant diversity in culture and language which young children will be able to explore and appreciate.

We are so excited about our upcoming launch on 22 February! Our original story, ’Fruit Detective’, is the story for our first package with the theme on ‘SENSES’. For a sneak preview at the story and the package, subscribe to our newsletter (form is at the bottom of the page) and be the first to know about our Launchpack sale and updates!

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