Did you know that there are over 100 species of the solitary bee in Singapore? In our launchpack, "Bili Loves to Dance", we introduce children to Solitary Bees and how they are different from honey bees. Does a solitary bee sting? What kind of nest does it build?

On 9th April, Playship Edventures participated in the Kids Curriulum Fair (which is part of the Homeschool Convention 2022)! We read together the story "Bili Loves to Dance" (theme of the environment) and also taught children aged 3 to 9 years old how to make an origami Blue-Banded Bee with recycled paper!

If you've missed the story-craft session, you can watch the replay below! Do share with us your completed creations on Facebook/Instagram by tagging @playshipedventures. And here is the materials list to get you started:

● 2 pieces of square paper (consider using recycled paper like a security envelope)

● Scissors

● Glue/Double-sided tape

● Markers


Playship Edventures participated in this year's Homeschool Convention 2022, at their Curriculum Fair! On 9 April, we had the opportunity to share with parents and caregivers what Playship Edventures is all about and how our easy-to-use resources can engage children aged 3 to 9 years old meaningfully.

In the first 2 sessions, we went LIVE at some locations to explore the outdoors and nature using our various fun activity guides. We believe in discovering the world around us simply by observing things like sculptures and tactile guides in our neighbourhood and community.

And for the first time, we read aloud all of our original stories! If you have missed any of the sessions, you can watch the replay below and find out more about our Story Activity Launchpacks: Playbased Learning with a Southeast Asian flavour!

Bee Bop Dance

D for Dragonfruit and Durian

Spicy Shadow Surprise

Lost and Found


We did it! We produced 4 packages in 1 year! Today, we have launched our FOURTH package "BILI LOVES TO DANCE" with the theme on ENVIRONMENT. You can view the #FBLIVE Launch below. We also made a Bee Spinning Card together and you can download the printable template HERE

Our original children’s story, 'BILI LOVES TO DANCE' is the story for our fourth package with the theme on 'ENVIRONMENT', suitable for children aged 3 to 9 years old.

We will be exploring curriculum-led themes on ENGLISH, SCIENCE, MATH, ART, AND MUSIC. While in discovery-led themes, we will be investigating further into the ENVIRONMENT, SOLITARY BEES AND DANCE. There are altogether 10 Edventures:

Wow it has been an amazing year of writing and developing all these fun learning printables for everyone ! We are looking forward to more exciting edventures next year with you!

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