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Last December School Holidays, we had the opportunity to conduct our Fruit Detective programme for the children at FaithActs, a non-profit community care service for children with learning difficulties and youths-at-risk.

During this 3-hour workshop, the children learned about SENSES through the story, Fruit Detective, and many fun games and activities. To start, we introduced Braille and got them wondering how it is used by trying to code their emotions in Braille.

Learning to code in Braille
Learning to code in Braille

The children were then given the challenge to use their sense of 'touch', 'sound', 'smell' to guess mystery fruits found in Southeast Asia. After which, they got to make a fruit salad all by themselves. Many of them have not seen jambu (water apple), dragon fruit, mangosteen and passion fruit before but we were so proud of them for being so enthusiastic and brave to try them out!

After which, we went outdoors to practise 2 very important skills: to look closely and listen closely. They took close-up photos and sound recordings, and made them into a quiz for their friends to guess. We also collected different textures around by making crayon rubbings. The children imagined, designed and created an artwork of organic shapes cut from their own textured paper collection. Finally, we ended off with a show-and-tell of everyone sharing about their art. The art making process is truly meaningful when we share details or stories about our artworks!

Thank you FaithActs for giving us this opportunity. We had such an awesome time with this group of enthusiastic and creative learners!

FaithActs and Playship Edventures Moses and Rebecca
FaithActs and Playship Edventures Moses and Rebecca

>>>At Playship Edventures, we make learning fun and experiential by exploring the world around us, children also get to learn through wonder and curiosity. Contact us if you will like to bring Playship Edventures to your school or organisation!

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Did you know that there are over 100 species of the solitary bee in Singapore? In our launchpack, "Bili Loves to Dance", we introduce children to Solitary Bees and how they are different from honey bees. Does a solitary bee sting? What kind of nest does it build?

On 9th April, Playship Edventures participated in the Kids Curriulum Fair (which is part of the Homeschool Convention 2022)! We read together the story "Bili Loves to Dance" (theme of the environment) and also taught children aged 3 to 9 years old how to make an origami Blue-Banded Bee with recycled paper!

If you've missed the story-craft session, you can watch the replay below! Do share with us your completed creations on Facebook/Instagram by tagging @playshipedventures. And here is the materials list to get you started:

● 2 pieces of square paper (consider using recycled paper like a security envelope)

● Scissors

● Glue/Double-sided tape

● Markers


Playship Edventures participated in this year's Homeschool Convention 2022, at their Curriculum Fair! On 9 April, we had the opportunity to share with parents and caregivers what Playship Edventures is all about and how our easy-to-use resources can engage children aged 3 to 9 years old meaningfully.

In the first 2 sessions, we went LIVE at some locations to explore the outdoors and nature using our various fun activity guides. We believe in discovering the world around us simply by observing things like sculptures and tactile guides in our neighbourhood and community.

And for the first time, we read aloud all of our original stories! If you have missed any of the sessions, you can watch the replay below and find out more about our Story Activity Launchpacks: Playbased Learning with a Southeast Asian flavour!

Bee Bop Dance

D for Dragonfruit and Durian

Spicy Shadow Surprise

Lost and Found

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