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Bili Loves to Dance
solitary bee's nest
happy flower

Bili Loves to Dance

Bili Bee is a quiet bee but he loves to dance. He wishes for someone to dance with. Will he be able to fulfil his wish? 
Engage your child through the story "Bili Loves to Dance"

You can do the activities together as a family at your own comfortable pace over a few weeks.

You can decide which activities to view on your electronic device, and which ones to print out. 

Connect with Your Child in 3 Easy Steps

Bili Loves to Dance

Buy and download the story activity kit via a link emailed to you.

Bili Loves to Dance

Read the story to find out if Bili found someone to dance with.

(DIGITAL) Bili Loves to Dance Story Activity Kit.jpg

Learn and explore about solitary bees, flowers and dance!

Story Activity kit for Children aged 3-9

With a Southeast Asian focus, our story "Bili Loves to Dance" comes with an activity kit that encourages children to be excited and curious about learning, practise careful observation skills, reflect and share about what they have learnt. 

Here's what's inside: 

  • The activities are based on the story "Bili Loves to Dance" with the theme "ENVIRONMENT"

  • The activities include games, viewing videos, arts and crafts, journalling, outdoor fun, singing and even dancing!


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