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Based on an original story and with a SOUTHEAST ASIAN focus,

the PLAYSHIP EDVENTURES LAUNCHPACKS include PRINTABLES for preschoolers which are CURRICULUM-BASED and DISCOVERY-LED. Our goal in creating Playship Edventures is to make learning fun for children and easily accessible for them and their caregivers.

Our PRINTABLES encourage the creative use of everyday resources for learning without the need to purchase additional manipulatives:

  • Our lessons are Reggio-inspired

  • All learning is Inquiry-based

  • Our activities invite children to be curious and excited about learning

  • We encourage the learner to explore the world around us

  • Children develop the habit of reflecting and sharing about what they've learnt

One approach we often use is SENSE-THINK-WONDER




(adapted from Project Zero)

the creators of playship edventures

- Moses Sia -

Moses has over 25 years of experience in teaching and learning, having worked with people of all ages, in a number of places, including Singapore and Indonesia, and in various capacities, such as teacher, school principal, illustrator and writer. He is excited about re-igniting each person’s passion for learning and creativity.

- Rebecca Yao - 

With 10 years of experience with working with children, youth and families as a social worker, an art instructor and a content creator, Rebecca hopes to create learning spaces that are accessible to everyone. Having 3 children of her own, she comes up with easy-to-prepare activities to make learning fun for them.  

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