Our Story Activity Kits encourage the creative use of everyday resources for learning without the need to purchase additional manipulatives:

  • Our lessons are Reggio-inspired

  • All learning is Inquiry-based

  • Our activities invite children to be curious and excited about learning

  • We encourage the learner to explore the world around us

  • Children develop the habit of reflecting and sharing about what they've learnt

One approach we often use is SENSE-THINK-WONDER


WONDER is to look at what else we get curious and excited about. 


THINK is the conclusion we come to base on our observation. When a child makes a conclusion, it is good to ask them to share the reason for this.


SENSE is making good observation. This does not need to be restricted to vision only. It could be a smell, a sound, a taste or even a texture. 

(adapted from Project Zero)

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